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Auction.com Names Weiskopf as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development.
Former Adobe and HP corporate strategist to guide company’s growing global presence

IRVINE, Calif. – January 30, 2014 – Auction.com, LLC, the world’s largest online real estate marketplace, has named Paul Weiskopf, a veteran Silicon Valley corporate strategist, as senior vice president of corporate development

For 20 years, Weiskopf has designed corporate strategies, executed mergers and acquisitions, and managed strategic alliances for some of the world’s top technology companies. Based in Auction.com’s Belmont, Calif. office and reporting to Chief Financial Officer Bruce Felt, Weiskopf is working closely with top executives to plan for the company’s continued growth.

“Paul’s ability to develop smart growth strategies has helped top technology companies become global powerhouses. As we respond to the growing worldwide demand for Auction.com’s industry-leading online real estate marketplace, he will ensure that our expansion supports long-term success and stability,” Felt said.

As senior vice president of corporate development at Adobe Systems, Weiskopf played an integral role in dozens of acquisitions and venture investments, including the company’s game-changing multi-billion dollar acquisitions of Macromedia and Omniture.

Weiskopf was also vice president of strategy and corporate development at Hewlett Packard, where he implemented and managed corporate development activities for its server, storage and software businesses. He has also held senior positions at two e-commerce firms, BenefitPoint and InsWeb, and two management consulting firms, Accenture and LEK.

“I’m excited to join Auction.com as it leads the transformation from traditional sales to Internet-based real estate transactions,” said Weiskopf. “This effort to harness the power of the Internet to bring transparency and efficiency to the global real estate marketplace will forever change how real estate is transacted. I look forward to helping the company fully realize its vision for the future.”

With a track record of success counseling both publicly- and privately-held businesses at various stages of their development – from start-up to powerhouse – Weiskopf has a deep understanding of each phase of a company’s growth. He has also served on corporate boards of directors and offers a valuable perspective on how strategic business decisions are implemented companywide. Weiskopf holds both a bachelor’s degree in international political economy and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.


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