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Auction.com Launches Online Financing Portal To Facilitate On-Demand, Frictionless Financing For Commercial Real Estate Assets
Easier Access to Capital Enables Investors to Buy More Assets and Make Bigger, Bolder Bids on the Properties They Want Most

IRVINE, Calif. and SILICON VALLEY, Calif., May 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Auction.com, LLC, the world's largest online real estate marketplace, today announced the launch of its Commercial Real Estate Financing Portal which enables investors to apply for financing on qualified assets quickly and efficiently via the Auction.com site. Now real estate investors can complete financing applications, view their loan application status in real time, upload documents from their desktop, laptop or tablet, access their term sheet and communicate with lenders directly from Auction.com's secure portal.

Financing options will be provided by the company's preferred lenders and will count towards a buyer's proof of funds – a requirement for bidding on all properties offered for sale on the Auction.com platform. By increasing buyer liquidity, Auction.com is allowing a much larger audience of potential buyers to participate in its commercial real estate auctions – something that benefits both buyers and sellers in the Auction.com marketplace. 

"Financing is in high demand among commercial buyers," said Gordon Smith, general manager of Auction.com's commercial real estate division, who noted that about 50 percent of the commercial investors using the Auction.com platform tend to finance their purchases. "By directly connecting investors with trusted commercial real estate lenders that understand the auction process and closing timeline requirements, we're enabling buyers to make winning bids on properties that previously may have been out of reach due to cash restrictions. And, by increasing buyer liquidity, we're improving our ability to get sellers the highest price for their assets."

The Auction.com platform offers complete transparency to the large pool of bidders it attracts from around the world. In turn, the competition among qualified buyers ensures that sellers' assets are transacted at fair market value. Auction.com enables buyers and sellers to conduct

transactions in the most efficient manner possible by leveraging internet technology to streamline a cumbersome, complicated and paperwork-intense process. 

For more information, or to search for financeable commercial properties coming up for auction, go to: http://www.auction.com/lp/financing-commercial/.

About Auction.com:  

Auction.com, LLC, is the nation's leading online real estate marketplace. Founded in 2007, the company has sold over $30 billion in residential and commercial real estate assets. Auction.com has over 900 employees and headquarters in Irvine and Silicon Valley, California as well as offices in Austin and Plano, Texas, Atlanta, Denver, New York and Miami. Visit www.auction.com for more information.


SOURCE Auction.com, LLC

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