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Ten-X Commercial Releases New Mobile App
The new mobile app and platform updates make the Ten-X transaction process faster, easier and more intuitive for brokers, sellers and buyers

IRVINE, Calif. and SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ten-X Commercial, the nation's leading transaction platform powering 90% of all online commercial real estate sales, today launched its new iOS mobile app which provides users with an enhanced, easy-to-use interface and additional in-app functionality. The company also unveiled new features to its platform.

"These new updates allow our customers to have a more seamless and efficient CRE transaction process," said Lawrence Yuan, Chief Technology Officer at Ten-X. "Our focus is always on improving the customer experience, and we are confident that our new app and platform enhancements upgrade our overall user capabilities."

To further streamline the CRE transaction process and increase on-the-go flexibility, Ten-X introduced a new iOS mobile app that improves usability and simplifies the process of searching for properties and viewing documents in the Ten-X Due Diligence Vault. By giving users the ability to view properties on a map, perform due diligence more quickly, and bid on properties, the new app provides Ten-X customers with full functionality to buy and sell commercial real estate from anywhere, at any time, right from their iPhone or iPad.

Another key feature in the new mobile app and on the Ten-X Platform is an enhanced search engine that delivers more advanced property search results. Complete with a redesigned front and back-end experience to allow for faster, more efficient searches, users can save search preferences and settings. In addition to results, the search function will intelligently provide property recommendations – much like how Netflix suggests new movies and television shows based on a user's past viewing habits and set preferences.

Ten-X also updated their acclaimed broker/seller dashboard, to include real-time auction day tracking, providing brokers and sellers with detailed insights into their properties during an auction. The dashboard grants users the ability to view minute-by-minute bidding activity and details on potential buyers.

"Enhancing our dashboards is one of the improvements we are most excited to release," said Neelika Choudhury, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at Ten-X. "We built this tool in response to customer feedback requesting a real-time view into auction-day activity. The Ten-X Dashboard is an innovative product that provides a better experience for our customers and empowers them with deeper insights into each of their listings during a Live Bid event."

Additionally, Ten-X added a new, customizable Leads Report tool similar to a CRM system, which enables brokers to export custom reports directly from the dashboard to their clients. The dashboard also classifies the type of investor, sets priorities, and simplifies the contact status, allowing brokers to work more efficiently and easily identify key prospects.

Finally, Ten-X introduced a new Buyer Preferences Center. The new Preference Center allows buyers to set explicit property preferences including location, type, size, etc., which are then filtered through our data system. By incorporating behavioral analytics with explicit preferences, the Ten-X platform then provides the most relevant investment recommendations to save investors valuable time.

As the nation's leading online CRE transaction platform, Ten-X continues to provide innovative enhancements to help streamline the transaction process for customers.

About Ten-X
Ten-X Commercial is the leading end-to-end transaction platform for commercial real estate that powers more than 90 percent of all online CRE sales. Our platform empowers brokers, sellers and buyers with data-driven technology and comprehensive transaction tools to expand market visibility and decrease time to close. Ten-X Commercial is headquartered in Irvine and Silicon Valley, Calif., with offices in key markets nationwide. Investors in the company include Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P., CapitalG (formerly Google Capital) and Stone Point Capital.

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