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About Us

Ten-X Commercial is the leading end-to-end transaction platform for commercial real estate, powering more than 90% of all online CRE sales. Our platform empowers brokers, sellers and buyers with data-driven technology and comprehensive marketing tools to expand market visibility and decrease time to close.

With Ten-X, brokers and sellers tap into a digital platform that makes it easy to onboard assets, evaluate the success of complimentary marketing campaigns in real-time and follow up on the strongest prequalified leads. Buyers are precision-matched with properties aligned with their investment goals, with unprecedented access to market analysis and due diligence documents to help them securely acquire properties online, with confidence.

Quick Facts:
  1. 90% of all online commercial real estate sales are conducted via the Ten-X transaction platform
  2. More than 7,100 commercial properties sold, with gross merchandise volume (GMV) totaling over $20 billion.
  3. Largest single property transaction to date: Over $96 million
  4. More than 5,500 brokers have transacted on the Ten-X platform
  5. +400K CRE investor database representing more than 3,000 cities and more than 5,550 zip codes